Historyzine 017: The Aftermath of Ramillies

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Historyzine 17 features 1706 and the Aftermath of Battle of Ramilies as well as the relief of Turin in our War of the Spanish Succession section. In the linguistic history trivia bit we’ll be looking at a couple of printing terms which have morphed into regularly used modern day phrases. The phrases I’ll be focussing upon are, uppercase and lowercase as well as getting ahold of the wrong end of the stick. They’re a fascinating couple of phrases and I very much enjoyed researching their provenance.

Composing Stick

Composing Stick

We have a short interview with Richard Saunders from Historypress who talks a little about the most popular of the history books at the History Press and tells us a little about the commissioning and submission procedures at the History Press.
The are two history podcast reviews this time. We’ll be turning the spotlight on Living History, a podcast for reenactors and the new BBC/British Museum podcast, A History of the World in 100 objects. These are both fascinating podcasts for very different reasons.
There’s some feedback from Portugal and also the announcement of my new online shop for history nerds which you’ll find at http://historyshopper.com/
The War of the Spanish Succession takes up a goodly portion of the show this time. We looked at the battle of Ramilies in the last episode and now we move on to see if the allied army can take advantage of the situation. However, things still look bleak for the allies in Italy. Turin is under siege and may fall all too soon. Prince Eugene after his defeat at Calcinato is rushing to relieve the city but his forces are barely adequate.
This is quite a long episode at just over an hour so I’ll give you some timings in case you wish to skip about in the podcast.
0.00 to 0.32 Intro Music
0.32 to 6.18 Intro and feedback
6.18 to 12.23 Review of the Living History Podcast
12.23 to 16.00 Review of A History of the World in 100 Objects
16.00 to 21.03 Linguistic History Trivia Bit
21.03 to 23.47 Interview with Richard Saunders from Historypress
23.47 to 25.27 Announcement of HistoryShopper shop for history nerds: This shop is selling History themed birthday cards at the moment and can be found athistoryshopper.com/
25.27 to 1.01.16 War of the Spanish Succession
1.01.16 to 1.02.03 Outro Music.

The intro music for this episode is The Brandenburg Concerto 6 by Johann Sebastian Bach and the outro music is also by Bach and is Air on the G String.

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3 Responses to Historyzine 017: The Aftermath of Ramillies

  1. Thank you, Jim, for the review. We just listened and appreciate your honesty and insights. I’m certain, now that you’ve heard Episode 8, that you are even more frustrated by some of our volume issues, but hopeful you find this weeks episode to be more on target. We think we have those issues in hand and I’d love to hear your comments after Episode 9 comes out.

    Your comments on the patronizing sections of Ep 7 are spot on and something we’ll work to avoid in future episodes. As someone who regularly teaches such topics in person, I find not having an audience in front of me to read makes it rather easier to simplify and brow-beat topics in a recorded format. We’ll keep that excellent advice in mind.

    If ever you have additional comments or input we would gladly take it. While we may be more “prolific”, feedback from more veteran and established podcasters like you can only push us in the right direction. Thanks for the review and keep up the wonderful work. Though we’d be perfectly happy if you wanted to come out with an episode more frequently! :)

  2. Anne the Man says:

    I think it would be a good idea to link to the page of the BBC podcast as well

  3. jimmowatt says:

    Firstly, thankyou Living History Podcast for creating the podcast. It now has a regular spot on my mp3 player.
    Secondly, Anne the Man – Yes, you’re quite right.
    The BBC podcast now has a link.

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