Historyzine 015: Winter Diplomacy in 1705

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Historyzine follows the Duke of Marlborough as he conducts an epic journey of almost 2000 miles by carriage and barge during the fierce winter months in order to soothe and cajole the various allies.
The Duke visits the Elector Palatine, The Margrave of Baden, the King of Prussia and the Electoral Prince of Hanover and then returns to the Hague in the Netherlands to sort out the paperwork for the forthcoming campaign. This isn’t the most dashing and exciting of the stories surrounding the Duke and the War of the Spanish Succession but it is, I feel, a fascinating insight into the multiplicity of roles the Duke of Marlborough was expected to fulfil. Here’s a map of Europe and I’ve drawn a little red line showing aproximately the route he’s taken. click to enlarge
We also take a brief look at the gains made by the Austro/Dutch/English alliance in Spain and the dashing but frustrating Earl of Peterborough. In this episode Historyzine also reviews the book, The Suspicions of Mr Whicher by Kate Summerscales

and the podcast, ‘The Jefferson Hour’ which can be found at www.jeffersonhour.org

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  1. Wilder says:

    Congratulations on getting married! I was surprised to hear about that and to see about you computer woes. It was great to see in my Ipod another show from you. Thank you for doing this podcast whenever you gat a chance. I’ve taken a break from reading books on the First World War to read about some other subjects. I’ve found two excellent books I’d like to recommend you. The first is an overall history of Oceania called “Pacific Islands” by Douglas L. Oliver. The second is “The Seven Great Monarchies of the Ancient Eastern World: Volume 6: Parthia ” by George Rawlinson . It was written in the late nineteenth century. It covers geography, religion, architecture, history and culture. Very interesting. So have you read any good books on your break? Have a nice day and this was a great show. Thanks.

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