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My Favourite History Podcasts

History According to Bob

Bob teaches history and absolutely adores telling stories. I love to hear his enthusiasm for his subject (almost any history subject, it seems) and his easy relaxed style.

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TPN The Napoleon Podcast

Cameron Reilly talks to David Markham in this series of fascinating and extremely learned studies of Napoleon. They're undoubtedly fans of the great man and this may occasionally lead them to view Napoleon through rose coloured spectacles. There is, however, no doubting their in depth knowledge of the subject and their enthusiasm communicates wonderfully through their podcast conversations.

David Markham has written a number of books including 'Napoleon for Dummies'.

For his other works see his personal home page

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Matt's Today in History Podcasts

A regular series of short snappy shows about an event that happened on the broadcast day in history. Often subjects are requested by listeners and Matt researches it for the programme. Quite slick and professional. My only criticism is the filenames. Impossible to tell which file is which once it's languishing on your hard drive.

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Military History Podcast

Sponsored by Armchair History Magazine. A delight to listen to. History from a military angle from ancient to modern.

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12 Byzantine Rulers

A fine project and an often neglected subject.

12 Byzantine Rulers

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British History 101

Michael Anthony prepares a variety of snapshot studies of different periods and events in British History.

British History Blogspot

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History Favourites RSS Feed

Using Podshows channel feature, I've put together a collection of my favourite History shows into one RSS feed.

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