Reviews of Historyzine on Itunes

Definitely worth your time!

by gengem
There are a LOT of history related podcasts out there, but after spending hours reviewing them all Historyzine rose to the top of the heap as a top quality, time worthy podcast. Jim Mowatt knows his stuff, is clearly passionate about it, and has a delivery style that never gets old. His clear, animated voice pulls you in and brings history alive! If ever a podcast deserved a click of the SUBSCRIBE button, it would be Historyzine. Thanks Jim!

One of the best!

by Vance M
I have listened to a number of history podcasts and this ranks right up there with the best of them. Jim has a way of balancing between a broad brush and the minute details. One test of a great history podcast for me is whether I want to listen even when the period or topic is not one of my usual areas. I had no interest in the Wars of Spanish Succession before listening, now I am seeking out additional information! Thanks, Jim!


by Xenia
I love this podcast. Jim hits the right tone- enthusiastic but not hysterical. I like his reviews of other history podcasts (I always find I agree with him). He has a very engaging style. Very entertaining and informative. Good sound quality, good music. All around perfect.


by Robert Scott
This is a great podcast … Jim has a passion for history and his enthusiasm shines through in his podcasts … also Jim does a review of other history related podcasts … making Historyzine an awesome starting point for History Buffs. Nice job Jim, keep it up.

My Favourite History Podcast

by Christiano B
I think this podcast is amazing. The host is fantastic and entertaining. Very professionally done.

Flippin Awesome

by 9train
Not that I could have cared one way or the other about the War of the Spanish Succession. Until now that is. Jim’s podcast delivers a concise history but also packs in lots of interesting details about the characters that once marched across the world stage. Very listenable. Very interesting, Can’t wait for the next one.

Quickly rising to the head of the class

by screwedifJMcCdies
This podcast usually has three parts. He begins with review(s) of some other history podcasts; these are useful, interesting and he leans over backwards (IMO) to be constructive. Some of the casts reviewed tend to be those of a parochial British focus, such as the UK archives and London walking history tours, but one hopes he will get on to reviewing more hiostory podcasts of general interest.
The second part is a brief attempt at the etymology and derivation of a common but usually out of fashion saying or phrase. While occasionally interesting,one could go to the fridge for a beer refill during this bit.
The ‘meat’ of the cast is the War of Spanish Succession which is proving to be far more interesting and important than I would have thought. This is very well done indeed and take its place alongside the Napoleon casts and Binge Thinking History as among the very best regular History offerings.

A History Gem

by Mario Garcia
This is a great podcast. I found it recently by following links from other history podcasts I subscribe to. I am very glad to have found this gem because it covers topics I was not entirely familiar with. My ancestors were in Spain but I didn’t know much about the War of the Spanish Succession, the first topic covered here. The delivery is excellent and is packed with high quality information. I highly recommend this to any history enthusiast.

Very Good

by Comptonium
I listened to several of these in sequence while driving for a couple of hours. The content is very good and the reviews of other podcasts are accurate (I have listened to them as well). This is well worth the time spent in listening and I would recommend it without reservation. One thing though – it would be great to have the names of the music that is played during the program (for those of us in the coloinies who marginally recognize things English).


by Strawdog757
You can’t help but get caught up in Jim’s passion for the topic. I usually listen to his podcasts while driving home from work, and on more than one occasion took the long way round just so I could finish the latest instalment.


by Bush League Historian
I can’t say I even thought about the Wars of the Spanish Succession before listening to this podcast, but Jim is such a good storyteller I’d be happy to hear him speak on just about any historical topic. I especially like that he goes beyond the battles to delve into the personalities involved and, of course, the politics, but also seemingly off topic tangents such as the influence of banking. I enjoy, as well, his reviews of other history podcasts and his bits of linguistic trivia. All in all, well worth the time.

I wish there were more

by David Ober
I teach world history but I just can’t read everything I need to do it as well as I’d like. Jim engagingly fills in some of the gaps in British History.

Good Detail of an Unusual Topic

by Sean from Atlanta
I’m a history teacher but I have to admit that I knew practically nothing about the War of the Spanish Succession before listening to this podcast. Straightforward and interesting.

If you’re looking for a good history podcast… this is it!

by_Mr E._
I have finally found a history podcast that I really like and can recommend without hesitation! Most history podcasts are much too short (IMO) and barely scratch the surface of a subject. Jim’s ‘War of the Spanish Succession’ feature is in-depth as well as insightful. He also provides interesting tidbits along with the main narrative. He has a good conversational style and does not sound like he’s just reading off a script .
The “magazine” style format is good too. I’ve always been interested in etymology and his short feature on phrase and word origins is a welcome addition to the podcast.

Enjoyable listening

by Dan Riddell
This is a well written, well structured and articulate podcast. The reviews of other podcasts are honest and constructive but not derogatory or slanderous. Segments are well defined and interesting with plenty of information, but not so much as to overwhelm you.

Easy to get involved with this podcast

by Sarubin
Each episode held my complete attention. Would love to listen to more. Extremely well done!!!!!

Enlightening & Entertaining

by idgit
Jim Mowatt has put together a fun, informative podcast that helps bring history to life. Jim provides more than enough information to enable the listener to get a handle on the subject, and also encourages the listener to dig into the subject on their own. Beyond the history, I find it quite valuable that Jim includes a review of other podcasts each week, and I enjoy the linguistic trivia (though I sometimes question its authoritativeness). Subscribe if you are a general history fan, or choose the podcasts that cover your interests; either way you’ll enjoy Jim’s work.

Worth your time

by brisky08
Absolutely love this podcast! Just started episode 16 on a late night drive through some very desolate country in Eastern Oregon. Never felt sleepy or bored as Jim has the ability to take me to the past and understand what is happening in a very clear and entertaining way. A MUST HEAR for anyone who is interested in history! Well Done Sir!!

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by Flavius Belisarius
Brilliant podcast: well-researched and -organized, thorough without bogging down in the minutiae. Tight, hardly any extraneous information, but at the same time not rushed. Best of all, vividly and passionately narrated, good sound quality and without the podcaster’s death knell: sounding like a dad/mom reading a bedtime story.

Great Glimpse Into History

by lostgryphon
Jim does an excellent job giving us a peek into the events he covers. His presentation style is engaging and immersive. I also like how he brings something new to each episode with his podcast reviews, interviews and glimpses at the origins of phrases we take for granted.

Well Done and fun to listen to

by TheClassicGeek
Jim gives us a great podcast about a period in history that I’ve not followed much before. He obviously really enjoys the subject, and does a great job with the presentation of it. His reviews and side bits are well thought through. In particular his reviews – honest, reasonable and fair, with good criticism that could be used by anyone looking to provide a glimpse into any subject.

One of the most entertaining History podcasts available

by BigJohn50
I listen to a lot of history related podcasts for their information. I find myself looking for Jim;s on a regular basis. That’s not just because of the excellent absorbing content, which often covers whole wars over hours of podcasts. His magazine format which breaks each podcast up into several separate segments, makes the time seem to fly by. I find his short linguistic spot is always interesting. His reference to the source material in every part of the podcast is quite helpful. His web page is quite well designed.
I am quite hard of hearing, and his voice is resonant enough that I can understand everything that is said when the background music isn’t too loud.
My only other negative comment is that sometime it is months between podcasts and I’m finding myself anxious for the sequel. His personal comments about getting married, etc. make it sting less when the episode does come in. Congratulations on that, by the way Jim.
Keep ’em comin’, Jim! (That’s an Appalachian American colloquialism for “keep them coming Jim”. I believe it translates well into British English.)

Great in depth study of history

by Grayehound
Many history podcasts try to cover a lot of events in very little time, ending up with a watered down overview of the subject. If you like your history thick and meaty like an English pudding, though, you’ll love this podcast. Mr Mowatt is in love with history and it shows in his enthusiasm about every detail. You can almost feel his frustration that he has so little time and so much to say but he does an admirable job keeping things moving forward. The opening bits, like history of common phrases and bits of news, are tantalizing enough but the real feast comes with the in-depth description of the Spanish War of Succession. The podcast takes one of the fascinating periods of Western history and brings it to life.

The Best of the Histories

by katenmkate
This is my favourite of the History podcasts. Enthusiastic but not absurd, Jim scratches exactly the points of history that itch for me.