Historyzine 011: The 2nd special from Oudenaarde

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The 2nd special episode from the reenactment weekend of 12th, 13th of July 2008 in the town of Oudenaarde in Belgium.
This was the 300th anniversary of the battle of Oudenaarde in which the forces of the Anglo Dutch Austro German alliance managed to achieve a convincing victory over Louis XIV and the forces of the French and Spanish crowns.
We interview some of the reenactors (including Colonel Holcroft Blood’s Regiment)

and try to capture some of the atmosphere of the town square at night.

Hope you enjoy it.

I’ve taken many many pictures of the reenactors in their glorious costumes.
I’ve uploaded a few of them to flickr including a bunch from the parade around Oudenaarde town square on Saturday.
Saturday Parade in Oudenaarde
Photos from the reenactment

and I’ve put together a few photos and little video clips from the parade and reenactment into a very short youtube video.

Some of the sources I use for this podcast can be found at Amazon.co.uk in the UK
or at Amazon.com in the United States.

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7 Responses to Historyzine 011: The 2nd special from Oudenaarde

  1. Robert Scott says:

    Jimmo ….

    Sweet Field Recordings … Nice Job as Always!!

    Wanna give a rundown on the recording equiptment ya used ?

  2. jimmowatt says:

    I got myself a Zoom H2
    I chose this because it has 4 microphones which can swap over to create a variety of pick up patterns.
    90 degree front, 90 degree each side, 120 degree rear and 360 degree so you can alter the pickup for whatever occasion.
    Still getting to grips with it and much still to learn.

    Of course I use levelator (a great program) to level out the volumes.

    Are you recording anything at the moment?

  3. Robert Scott says:

    Jim …..

    Hey I just got 1 of those H2’s too … got it like a month ago
    Alas its still in the box I bought it to do some mobile recordings but I have been cuffed to my desk lately

    Recording … yup
    Working on GK Chesterton’s Heretics and I just finished up Twain’s Letters from the earth

    and I have a Blues Podcast I give a go at when I get tired of reading
    ( have you run across podshow’s podsafe music yet? )
    My Blues stuff is here http://www.voxcast69.com the shownotes have a link to podshow if you want to check out a huge catalog of pod friendly music

    Now that I have herd your field recordings I gotta get this H2 out of the box and do something with it !!

    how’s the garden …. I’ll shoot ya an e-mail rather than pig up a bunch of space here

    Keep up the good work !!

  4. Anne the Man says:

    Hi Jim,

    In this episode you mention the new URL to the Your History Podcast. It went a tad too quick for me and so I hoped to find it here written out. Any chance of adding that?

    thanks in advance and keep up the good work,


  5. jimmowatt says:

    Hiya Anne
    The new address for the ‘your history’ podcast is http://www.danwascool.com/ but I’ve just tried it and the site doesn’t seem to have been set up yet.
    There were some problems with computers but Dan tells me he’s very keen to carry on with the podcast so hopefully something will be sorted soon.

  6. Benny says:

    How brave they must be to show their faces on the battlefield wearing those purple uniforms!

    I wouldn’t like to spend time on the same baracks with that unit, Jim!

    Lisbon, Portugal

  7. jimmowatt says:

    It’s all a question of taste and maybe some of the colours involved might be considered questionable .
    The brightly coloured uniforms do make for a fine display as do the long luxurious wigs you would find on some of the more senior officers.

    Things changed so much in the 20th century that Marlboroughs army looks quite alien to us now.

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