Historyzine 005:1702, taking back the River Meuse

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In episode 5 of Historyzine we have a review of the National Archives Podcast Series;
Historical webby gems Harry Lamin’s war correspondence
Harry Lamin
Here we go around Wakefield Prison’s Mulberry Bush.


Episode 5 of our series on The War of the Spanish Succession features the campaigns of the Allies against the French forces on the Meuse in 1702. Marlborough is twice thwarted in his attempts to bring the French to battle, once by his Dutch deputies and then by the delightful General Opdam but then engages in a fine series of sieges which takes back the Meuse and reconnects the English and Dutch forces with Maastricht.
Jon Churchill

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4 Responses to Historyzine 005:1702, taking back the River Meuse

  1. anna says:

    Great Podcast 5!!

  2. Wilder says:

    Excellent podcast and it was quite nice that in this episode, the bit of Historical trivia on the Mulberry bush, was one I was actually familiar with. I had never heard of Hobson’s Choice or the one on the last show about the weddings. All in all, you have a great program but I have one major problem with it. I need more. Much more.

  3. Robert Scott says:

    Jim ….

    Nicely done !!
    Oh hey I ment to tell ya ( I don’t really know how I came across it ) I heard your reading of the Magna Carta on Archive.org ….. it took me a bit to realize it was you as it seemed soooo formal !!!

    I am enjoying these Podcasts … more please !

  4. jimmowatt says:

    Thanks Robert, thanks Wilder and thanks Anna.
    Yes, Robert – I did record Magna Carta some time back. I’m not awfully proud of the quality of that recording but it is an important document and I felt I wanted to do my bit to help spread the content to give more people the chance to find out what is actually in the Magna Carta rather than the vague notion of what many people think is in that document.
    Greetings Wilder and welcome to the blog.
    I much appreciate the vote of confidence. Never fear I shall produce many more. I very much enjoy creating these podcasts. I don’t get as much time as I’dl ike to be able to do these things but I shall attempt to maintain a steady output of around 2 a month.
    Greetings Anna – always nice to know you are around – any chance you can get to the reenactment this July at Ouenaarde?
    It’ll be good to see you there if you can.

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